Spider Ace
Spider Ace, as he appears in Episode 35
Name Spider Ace
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Nationality  American
Occupation Police Special Ops Member (former) Assassin (current)
Affiliation New York Police (Former)

Devil's Fang (Current)

Physical Status
First Appearances
Anime A Fallen Star on the Shining Night
Spider Ace is an former antagonist and a member of The Devil's Fang in Season 3 and 4, first appearing in A Fallen Star on the Shining Night.

Appearance Edit

Spider Ace appears as a pale young man with yellow hair, purple markings along his eyes, nose, and lips, and yellow eyes with dark blue pupils. Spider Ace's wears triangular silver earrings and an outfit that is primarily blue and black, with what appears to be some sort of ballistic vest and boots as well as black gloves with red embellishments.

Personality Edit


Spider Ace, seen here without coffee.

On initial appearance, Spider Ace appears confident, cocky, perhaps even a bit smug, however, when not given coffee (positive motivation or encouragement in the manga), Spider Ace becomes cowardly, often times huddling in the fetal position and mumbling incoherently until given more. Spider Ace is one of the few people in Devil's Fang truly loyal to President D, to the point where he actively protested Doctor Neo's lack of care regarding the security robots, and is completely willing to protect President D with his life, if need be, as seen in episode 50.

Anime Edit

Before Series Edit

Prior to being a member of the Devil's Fang, Spider Ace was a special pursuit agent for the New York police department. Other information about the circumstances of him joining Devil's Fang in terms of the anime are currently unknown.

Season 3 Edit

Spider Ace appears briefly in episode 27, shooting from a neighboring building with a sniper rifle at Joker before leaving after missing the shot.

Manga Edit


Spider Ace, as he appears in the manga.

In the manga, Spider Ace's first appearance is as what Oniyama mentioned in Episode 35, a New York police special operations member, and for the most part is similar to Episode 35 in framing/plot (minus Rainbow Justice appearing).


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