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Road Joker in the anime

The Road Joker is Joker's main choice for ground transportation. The car has a blue body, with two white stripes running down it. On the hood are the yellow letters "JK" with a pink circle around it. The seats are yellow and the steering wheel is a brownish red with numbers on it. Road Joker is 3.9 meters long, weighs 1005 kilograms and has a V-type 8-Cylinder Super Charger engine.

Functions Edit

  • Joker can summon Road Joker via his wrist watch.
  • Road Joker can transform to transverse all types of ground obstacles, including water.

Steering Wheel Functions Edit

  • Button one:
  • Button two: Springs the driver and passenger seats up in order to launch them in the air.
  • Button three: Launches Road Joker in the air.
  • Button four: Allows Road Joker to traverse on railroad tracks
  • Button five: Puts Road Joker into autopilot in order to drive to Joker's location.

Trivia Edit

  • Road Joker has a voice activated GPS system.
  • In the manga, Hachi is instead the one that is usually driving Road Joker.
  • Road Joker's gas and brake pedals also have a "JK" on them.