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Mini-Mini King
Mini-Mini King, as he appears in Episode 38.
Affiliation Devil's Fang
Physical Status
Weapon of Choice Shrink Ray
First Appearances
Anime Episode 37

Mini-Mini King is a member of the Devil's Fang and a minor antagonist in season 3 of Kaitou Joker.

Appearance Edit

Mini-Mini King is quite short and looks a little toy-like, He wears a green hat with a white zig-zag pattern on it. He wears a yellowish-green suit with and orange tie and light green collar. He wears a blue shirt with a belt and blue pants. He also wears light grey boots. He has the Devil's Fang ring and a watch to communicate with President D.

Personality Edit

Mini-Mini King hates being called small (or any other synonyms of small). He focuses so much on his size that he even thinks that if he uses his shrink day gun to make everyone small, he will be the king of everyone just because of being bigger than everyone,.

After the events of episode 39, he now admires Joker because of the size of his tricks and promises himself so expand his thinking to be bigger instead of being just focused in his size.

History Edit

Before Series Edit

Mini-Mini Kind was a very short boy in school and feels embarrassed about having to stand in the front of the class all the time and getting humiliated by all his other classmates. During that time, he only had one childhood friend called Miyo and he was happy that he could stand next to her.

However, during graduation, when he told Miyo that he liked her, she gently rebuffed him. Mini-Mini King believes this is because she had grown much taller than him. Since then, he only considered the ants as his friends, and that's when he thought that if everyone was as small as an ant, he would be the king.

He started working on building a molecule-compression ray, but he needed money to complete it. That's when he met President D, who promised to fund his dream in exchange for catching Joker, Queen and Spade with his new weapon.

Season 3 Edit

Weapon Edit

Shrink Ray Edit

He owns a a shrink ray gun which fires off a ' Mini-Mini Beam ' or a beam of light which shrinks the target. It also has a ' Release Mini-Mini Beam ' function which reverts the shrunk target back to its original size.

Trivia Edit

  • Mini-Mini king is the only Devil fang member that targeted Joker cause he already owes president D. Instead for the bounty

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