Dogusaburō Oniyama
Dogusaburō Oniyama Character Design
Name Dogusaburō Oniyama
Age 42
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Police inspector

Head of the police department Anti-phantom thief bureau

Affiliation Haruka Oniyama (Daughter), Tomoe Oniyama (Wife)
Partner Ginko Kurosaki, Momo Shirai
Voice Actor Naoki Tatsuta
English Voice Actor Michael Pizzuto
Physical Status
First Appearances
Manga Volume 2 (Chapter 6)
Anime The Miracle Maker Appears!

Dogusaburō Oniyama is the head of the police department anti-phantom thief bureau and a secondary antagonist of the series. He despises Joker and tries his hardest to capture him, however, his attempts always backfire on him. His last name is a pun on the Japanese yōkai "oni". He has a daughter named Haruka Oniyama.

Appearance Edit

The inspector wears a parrot green suit, a black tie and black shoes. He has a long, thin mustache, a bald patch in the middle of his head, and long black hair brushed out from the sides of his head. He has sharp-looking teeth.

Personality Edit

Inspector Oniyama is completely dedicated to capturing Joker and locking him up. In almost every episode, he will be present at the scene of the crime, waiting to finally capture Joker. However, in dire situations, he will grudgingly work together with Joker. He also cares for his family very much, especially his daughter Haruka whom he is distraught for when she and her friend get captured in Episode 22.

History Edit

Season 1 Edit

Episode 1: Edit

The inspector first appears in the first episode of the anime, The Miracle Maker Appears!, where he and his fellow officers are with Joker on top of a tall building, and he, as always, tries and fails to arrest Joker.

Episode 2: Edit

Episode 3: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His blood type is A, and his star sign is Scorpio.
  • His favourite food is fruit parfait.
  • His favourite drama is Bark at The Sun, and his favourite singer is Saborou Kitajima.

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