Doctor Neo is an antagonist in Season 4. He first appears in “The Shining Night and the Messenger of the Southern Cross!” and meets Joker, Hachi and Akai Tsubasa when they try to steal the Red Comet. He is amazed by Akai and meeting an alien for the first time, and tries to capture him for research.

Doctor Neo
Name Doctor Neo
Age Unknown, said to be around 80 by Agent Purple
Gender Male
Occupation Astronomer, Devil's Fang member
Affiliation Devil's Fang (formerly), Jackal
Voice Actor Takehito Koyasu
English Voice Actor {{{englishva}}}
Physical Status
Abilities Highly intelligent


First Appearances
Manga Volume 22, Chapter 5
Anime 40. The Shining Night and the Southern Cross Messenger

Appearance Edit

Doctor Neo appears as a young man with long, curly pale green hair worn over one shoulder and a purple streak in his bangs. He has pale yellow eyes behind gold glasses with pale purple lenses. His attire consists of a dark green shirt and pants, white shoes and a white jacket with pink furry tufts on the shoulders.

His hair is actually a wig, and when it completely falls off, he is shown to be a shriveled old man.

Personality Edit

Doctor Neo is flamboyant and excitable, especially when aliens or outer space are mentioned. Decades before the current events, he saw a spaceship in outer space and became obsessed. This spaceship is later revealed to be Phoenix’s spaceship, and Doctor Neo is horrified when he realizes he fired missiles at it. Doctor Neo is sometimes hot-tempered.

History Edit

Fifty years prior to Season 4, Doctor Neo was the head of a criminal organization called Jackal. Agent Silver and Agent Purple took down Jackal, and Doctor Neo disappeared.

Throughout Season 4 Doctor Neo works with the Devil’s Fang to catch Phoenix and Joker. In “Bonds Lost on the Ocean” he betrays the Devil’s Fang by blowing up President D’s ship, and later tries to kill President D in “Clash! The Devil’s Fang!” After his coup d’état, Doctor Neo revives Jackal, and his former subordinates rejoin him.

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